A View From The Frontline 2019

Posted on Tuesday 13 August 2019.

A View From The Frontline 2019


The third iteration of this report in 2017 took a deeper look at the way technology has impacted the ITSM industry after it recovered from economic difficulties. This report takes a snapshot of the industry and looks at what services desks benefit from and struggle with in terms of their ITSM tools, their vendors, and their innovation.

The previous report highlighted a shift in focus to trends based around technology, as well more attention to the customer experience, and the desire for more feature-rich tooling options. With Digital Transformation at the forefront of the minds of many organisations, and access to innovative technologies at the fingertips of service desk professionals, the industry has undoubtedly developed exponentially since 2015. Therefore, it is unsurprising that the focus points throughout this report, as dictated by respondents, are centred around technologies like self-service, automation, AI, chatbots, and so on. However, other topics like ESM, methodologies and frameworks, and reporting functionalities also proved to be pertinent for service desk professionals in 2019.


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