Creating A Customer-Centric Culture: Event Resources

Posted on Tuesday 7 July 2020.

Thank you for attending the ‘Creating A Customer-Centric Culture’ event.

Here is the recording of the event which you can refer back to any time, plus speakers’ slides you can download.

If you’d like us to put you in touch with any of the speakers from this event please do email us at


Sumit De
Head of Consultancy

Download presentation slides

Aileen Allkins
CEO & Founder

Aileen Allkins Consultancy, formerly VP Support Microsoft

Download presentation slides

Beth Colman

Founder, CATALYNK and KCS Trainer

Download presentation slides

Andy Gant & Alex Harding

Runshaw College

Download presentation slides

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exponentially improve the happiness of your IT customers.


sami kallio, CEO, happysignals

Sami Kallio

CEO, HappySignals

Download presentation slides

Stella Frenandes
CEO, FC Consultant

Download presentation slides

Imam Saygili
Senior Solutions Engineer, Freshworks

Download presentation slides

David Wales
Founder, CX and Organisational Improvement Consultant, SharedAim Ltd

Download presentation slides

Candy Candappa
Director, Datawise Intelligence

Download presentation slides

Ynzo van Zanten
Chief Evangelist, Tony’s Chocolonely

Download presentation slides


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With thanks to our event partners! 

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