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Virtual support directly from our experts:

Take back control! From business continuity to moral support, SDI’s “Ask The Experts” service is here to support your business. Ensure your teams keep striving forward and remain motivated during the pandemic by working with SDI’s consultants to help you explore your next set of priorities.

Use our experts to create an action plan, obtain validation for existing plans, plot a path out of Covid-19, or discuss any other challenge your organisation needs to overcome. Our experts will help your organisation take care of itself and as a result, take care of your customers.

Covid-19: What's Your Response?

Use our experts to help guide your team through the new normal.

Your direct line to a Service Management Pro:

IT service operation environments are typically fast-paced, busy and reactive in nature. It can be difficult for all individuals responsible for the delivery of the service to find time to run improvement initiatives or look outwardly for help. Especially during the current global pandemic and environment of uncertainty. 

However, assistance and guidance from our industry experts has been proven to make tangible improvements to various different IT services.

Spark positive change within your service with support from the experts. Explore many of our service improvement success stories below:

Convenient and immediate, virtual support from the experts!

This is where SDI's "Ask The Experts" service can help:

SDI is offering a unique product in the in IT Service Management space. ‘Ask the Experts’ fills a gap in the industry and allows Service Operations and Service Management professionals to directly engage with subject matter experts quickly and at a very affordable price.

‘Ask the Experts’ provides organisations with quick, convenient and cost effective access to service management experts to help overcome challenges and kick start improvement initiatives. The service is also ideal if your organisation is with limited budget and may not necessarily sign off on a traditional consultancy package, but is still in need of help and assistance.

Key benefits:

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"The Service Desk Institute is a globally recognised organisation, advocating the highest levels of performance and service within our industry."

How will the service be delivered?

Once you have purchased a block of hours, you will be able to schedule conversations with SDI subject matter experts. This will be a virtual conversation that is setup by SDI either by telephone or a video conferencing platform and can typically be arranged within 5-10 days of making the request, often much sooner than that.

How much does it cost?

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"Ask The Experts" can be purchased in hourly blocks by clicking the buttons below:

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